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frequently asked queries

Is Fatface donating to charity?

All of the project's developers feel that a well-rounded individual is adventurous and generous. We have a lot of big ambitions for this project. If we disclosed all of our ideas at once, you'd believe we're in over our heads. We want to give back at every step of the road. Hunger is our cause. We intend to contribute to a hunger-relief organization. Developing a well-rounded project

A DAO is a decentralized organization. Simply said, there is no one CEO, therefore organizational decisions are made in total openness. Blockchain technologies, such as this one, eliminate the need to trust a single person. With total transparency, you are accountable since you will know everything an organization has done or will do. You can ask yourself if this is in line with your aspirations and morals. And make your own choice. It should remove corporate corruption and greed.

Yes, a DAO that publishes games. We wish to collaborate with a variety of game developers to create games for consoles, PCs, mobile devices, and other platforms. Whether they are blockchain-based games or not. And all revenues will be distributed to DAO members as passive income. We also want members to have a voice so that there is ongoing feedback during the creative process so that wonderful and exciting games may be created. We had no notion Gamefi was doing something similar when we came up with the idea. So we intend to compete with them.

A DAO can bring together multiple minds to achieve a common purpose. We'll literally have thousands of people involved in the game development process, and we'll be able to constantly improve and contribute ideas to the game. We want to make games for people rather than for profit. Every year, franchises release the same game under a different title with no improvement. A DAO and a community will provide the players what they desire, ensuring that the game is truly fun. Continuous constructive criticism is the best approach to build.

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Meet the Team

Matt Senju

Social Media Manager

I'm Matt, and I've been a cryptocurrency trader since 2016. I've witnessed Bitcoin's growth and collapse, as well as how many lives have been impacted by its existence in the crypto market. Why did I embark on this project? I understand the feeling of desperation, and I want to give others the feeling of enlightenment. Crypto was a life-changing opportunity for me, and I would love for this project to be a chance for investors and others to have a life-changing experience like mine, as well as to build a strong community. So sit back and enjoy the journey with the Fattys.

Todd Lemoine


My name is Todd. I am a college sophomore. I've been working in the cryptocurrency industry since 2019. Why did I embark on this endeavor with Evenson and Matt? We were all raised by single parents who could not always afford to feed us on a regular basis. We wanted to give individuals the opportunity to be a part of something greater than themselves. A community that cares. We intend to make this project game-focused, with many ideas for 2022 and beyond.

Evenson Charles


I am a senior who will graduate from high school in the spring of 2022. Why did I embark on this project? There are two kinds of individuals in the world: those who are extremely fortunate and those who are extremely unlucky. I wish to create a community of people that not only benefit from our project but are also prepared to give back to others who may never have the opportunity to be in their current position.

And Of Course YOU!